At RevMax, we believe that the success of an investment hinges on finding the right opportunity and developing the right vision for the enhancement of its potential. Leveraging our expertise in opportunistic asset acquisition, project management, and asset management, we deliver comprehensive oversight of your investment to maximize the opportunity.

Asset Acquisition.  Typically seeking out branded, full service properties between 200 -400 rooms, 10,000 – 20,000 sf of meeting space and a broad segment mix, we work with brokers to identify value add properties that offer the potential for significant growth through capital investment and more focused management. Through a diligent process of extensive investigation and assessment, RevMax is able to ensure that only properties that present a real potential for value added growth are chosen for acquisition.

Project Management. From the identification of an acquisition, RevMax begins a process of rigorous market research. We engage in a results-driven process of due diligence and feasibility study to ensure the potential is viable and borne out through investigation. Initial design concepts are developed during the feasibility and due diligence phases to budget and anticipate results that could be likely achieved. Occasionally, extensive physical transformations are required to meet the design and financial goals. RevMax provides skilled project management services to oversee the asset throughout the remodeling.

Asset Management. RevMax delivers experienced and effective asset management services to improve and maximize the hotel asset throughout acquisition, renovation and ramp up. We develop an asset management plan to optimize the property’s performance and provide daily monitoring to protect your investment.

Consulting. Our long history in the Hospitality Consulting Industry gives the RevMax team a clear advantage when it comes to identifying and acquiring promising assets. Knowledge, expertise, and integrity are the foundation of our work, and we are proud of the trust that stakeholders have in our proven ability to protect and maximize the interests of stakeholders. Our consulting services deliver valuable information regarding an asset’s improvement potential, its market value, and its positioning relative to industry standards.