RevMax Investments has developed and refined an effective acquisition strategy that benefits investors by reducing risk for lenders, brokers, and sellers.

  • We seek to identify hotel assets where profitability can be maximized with our specific expertise and skill set.
  • To minimize risk and to validate our underwriting assumptions, a thorough and rigorous due diligence process is undertaken including multiple 3rd party consultations. Based on reliability and scalability, our proprietary system delivers results with precision and efficiency.

We Visit Properties All Over the Country to Find Assets with the Most Potential

At the heart of RevMax’s acquisition strategy is our ability to identify hotel assets whose potential and performance can be maximized within a specific market. As recognized investors and operators in our industry, we operate with utmost integrity and aim to allow our history to speak to the credibility of our engagement with all our stakeholders.

  • Long fostered relationships with brokers result in notification of off-market and advance offerings of hotel assets that qualify as opportunities for our strategy.
  • We’ve developed strong relationships with many lenders and are able to engage the best suited partners for each opportunity and acquisition strategy.
  • Sellers confronted with multiple offers can rely on our history of transacting with integrity and timeliness to ensure a smooth transaction process that concludes within the agreed-upon period.

We commence every acquisition process  with consistent standards, a seasoned team of qualified professionals and a laser focus to mitigate risks and ensure the partnership with  brokers, lenders, and sellers makes for a smooth transition.

Our Acquisitions Strategy Delivers Reliable Results

RevMax has developed a strong acquisitions track record. We practice due diligence throughout the acquisition and transition process, following a specific set of steps to ensure the integrity of your investment. Contingencies are anticipated ahead of time so a swift and effective closing is the outcome which benefits all parties. Our  thoughtful and comprehensive approach to due diligence requires an up-front expenditure, so our level of intent and commitment is clear from the start. Our process includes:

  • Asset tours and assessment with our stakeholders, including construction, design and operations to determine the opportunity and scope of work to achieve our vision for the property.
  • Negotiating terms and price, then contracting with a Purchase and Sale Agreement [PSA]
  • Preparation of investment analyses, projections and proformas for the operating strategy.
  • Brand negotiations for terms and the Property Improvement Plan [PIP]
  • Preparation of a fully vetted renovation budget to complete the PIP along with other upgrades.
  • Preparation of a renovation schedule in consultation with the stakeholders.
  • Validating the accuracy of all relevant information
  • Commissioning third party reports
  • Overseeing a comprehensive property inspection
  • Identifying a transition strategy
  • Negotiating for and securing financing appropriate for the project and investor group. This would include the acquisition price, renovation expenses, closing costs and terms including recourse considerations.
  • Ensuring a smooth closing.

With RevMax Investments’ opportunistic acquisitions strategy, development and operational experience, the experience for the investor group is a seamless and limited in time demands. From identifying the right asset, financing and closing to overseeing the transition and rebranding process, our priority is ensuring that we maximize the return on your investment while minimizing your risk.