As your project management team, Rex Max ensures that your hotel asset is physically restored to maximize its appeal within its target market. From planning and design through execution and completion, our team of experienced professionals guides the property through a successful remodeling process so that it can increase its profitability and fully realize stakeholders’ investment goals.

Results-Driven Design

Successful projects start with vision. To achieve results that appeal to consumer segments and meet all stakeholder expectations, we develop a concept based on extensive planning and market research.

  • How can the hotel’s intrinsic assets be made more distinct?
  • What products and services will generate maximal sales opportunity?
  • How do we ensure we can consistently deliver value?
  • How, and which, segments be layered ensure the property’s stability and profitability?
  • What is the total financial investment necessary to restore, or reposition, the hotel?

To better assess consumer demands within a property’s market, RevMax’s extensive research process is a vital part of determining the optimal scope and scale of a renovation or transformation. Our project management team is comprised of industry specialists who are skilled at using thorough assessment and planning to craft a vision for each asset restoration.

Daily Oversight Is a Cornerstone of Our Success

The timely execution of an asset’s renovation is key. At RevMax, we create a timetable that ensures the project will be completed within the most efficient time for that project. Through daily monitoring,  RevMax oversees the renovations and ensures that designers, builders, architects and purchasing agents stay on schedule and within their budget parameters. The close supervision provided by RevMax’s skilled asset managers ensure that all partners are held accountable.

Anticipating the Unexpected

While disruption is often unavoidable during the renovation phase, the RevMax team has the experience needed to anticipate problems. This enables us to plan and anticipate for disruption and provide for this within the budget for the project overall.

Our team makes confident estimates based on extensive experience in a wide variety of markets. Through prudent anticipation and budgeting, we minimize and mitigate for financial surprises along the way.

Repetition and Scalability to Ensure Your Investment’s Security

The RevMax project management team knows what it takes to ensure that your investment is renovated successfully and efficiently. Starting with an accurate definition of the project scope, a keen understanding of the financial impact of renovations to an understanding the timeframe and oversight required to complete a successful remodel, RevMax provides the experience and skills to deliver a successful renovation project. We maintain open lines of communication with investors and lenders to ensure your project is being managed professionally and effectively.